Monday, July 15, 2013

More Stuph

stuff:  (/stəf/, Noun)
Matter, material, articles, or activities of an indeterminate kind that are being referred to, indicated, or implied.

stuph:  (/stəf/, Noun)
See "stuff" above. Misspelled intentionally to indicate a different point of view, and hopefully catch attention.

Here is the "B-Side" of the Haggard Mind. For those born since CD's became the norm for recorded music, I'll have to explain. Way back in olden days, before music came on CD's, music was recorded on cassette tape. It was... well.... Hmmm.....

Look at the back of your driver's license or a credit card. See that brown strip? Picture that removed from the card, about a quarter-inch wide and  a hundred feet long, rolled up between two little plastic spools in a plastic case. That way, it could hold a lot more than your card info. It could actually hold a whole album of music. Starting in the late 1970's and up into the 1990's, that's how we got our music. See

But I'm talking about even more ancient times.

Before then, we put our music on thin vinyl discs called "records" that looked like CD's, except instead of reflecting pretty colors there was a fine, spiral groove that wound around and around the disc from the outside toward the middle. In that groove were little bumps. The disc was placed on a turntable to spin it, and a needle was placed in the groove. As the record turned, the bumps would make the needle vibrate to make the music. Go learn somethig. See

These records came in two sizes. The big size would spin 33-1/3 times per minute, and could hold a half-dozen or more songs. The small size had a bigger hole in the middle (nobody knows why), and it was spun at 45 turns per minute. It could only hold one song, and was called a "single." These records had music on both sides. The big ones could hold a dozen or more songs that way, and were called "LP's," for "long playing." The small ones held two songs, one on a side, but they were still called "singles" instead of "doubles." Go figure.

Anyway, on a single, there was an "A-side" and a "B-side." The A-Side had the hit that everybody was supposed to listen to. The B-side was another unimportant song that nobody was supposed to pay attention to. Funny thing, though-- Sometimes the song on the B-side was actually better.

Anyway anyway, Haggard Stuph is my B-side blog. Here I can address political, personal, cultural stuph like any American can. My hobbies will show up from time to time. (Like the background image. Boating and fishing. Oh, yeah.) Of course, this stuph will be affected by the Haggard Mind. It is connected, after all. Not necessarily spiritual content, but spiritually informed.

(I didn't make up the word "stuph." Blame that on my old friend "Two LL's" David Willson.)

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